Tags on Sell Your Website Listings

A list of stats for tags on Sell Your Website listings in the last three months.
Tag Open Close Buyers Clearance Avg Sale
Add sale 1 0 0 0% $0
Add caferacer 1 0 0 0% $0
Add doforten 1 0 0 0% $0
Add cafe 1 0 0 0% $0
Add website, 0 0 0 0% $0
Add racer, 0 0 0 0% $0
Add automotive, 0 0 0 0% $0

Why add a tag? Description of a listing is made in Tags. When you sell a website, you can add a number of tags that best suites your listing. Buyers can search/view listings based on the tags and also choose to add some tags to their watch list. They are informed by a notification about any activity related to these tags. What is the Clearance Rate? It is the percentage of sales made by the listing based on the particular tag. In general, it's really useful to observe these stats, so that you have an idea of what the market thinks of each tag. This way you can improve adding tags to your listing.